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A Special Treat sans Tricks this week!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

I pray that whatever you are doing, be it some kind of Trick or Treating at a mall, a church Halloween Festival, or (Gasp!) actually going around a neighborhood and knocking on doors (do people even DO that any more???), that you are safe and happy, and know how much God loves You!

I am not one for scary movies, so you can be assured that I will NOT be watching any of THOSE tonight…my personality is such that real life can set my adrenaline pumping enough to need recovery daily, so adding to that health mess via scary movies or roller coasters is not usually my first choice!  (Though, I admit to watching scary movies in my life and going to Haunted Houses, etc…and the resulting anxiousness is what causes me to usually avoid those things! My hubby does have a lovely memory of us in a haunted house – paid-for-attraction, not actual haunted house– while we were dating, in which I was so scared I had to repeatedly recite Psalm 23 to myself…He giggles about it to this day!)

We were Sally and Linus on the Halloween of that adventure...

As a kid, I DID go knocking door-to-door, or rather, my mom drove me to the houses of folks we knew and trusted (and some of their neighbors), to “Trick or Treat”.  Here’s the “funny” about that.  I was always nervous.  I am a performer who sings and dances in front of hundreds of people every week; indeed I have sung in front of over 10,000 people in a stadium before, but in my normal life, I am a bit shy.  I have overcome it in adulthood, learning to press on while “on the road” in group called Up With People, in which I stayed with a different family every 3 or 4 nights…no room for shyness there.

So, as a kid, little Robyn trudged up the sidewalk to the door, knocked, and waited anxiously, even though I knew nothing bad would happen, and my mom was right there in the car!  In reality, all that would result from those interactions was GOOD!  Praise for my costume and free treats..HELLO!?!!?  The worst case scenario might have been that no one was home…certainly nothing to be nervous about, since that meant less people interaction…

But isn’t that funny?  And isn’t it just like us sometimes, to worry or be anxious over the unknown, when all the time God is watching over us and knows the more-than-pleasant outcome He has planned? (Romans 8:28, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Psalm 32:8, , Jeremiah 29:11) He is metaphorically out there in the car behind us as our rear guard (Isaiah 52:12, Isaiah 58:8)!

And as for worry…I just did a tiny, not exhaustive search at http://www.BibleGateway.com on just the word “worry”…the Message Bible had 56 results and the NIV had 15…and a quick scan of them showed that all of the results on the first page included the words “do not” before every “worry”…not a surprise, I know.  A much more detailed analysis could be made, I am sure, but I think you get the point.

Let’s not forget, though, that we need to seek God to receive answers, to be guided, to be given wisdom.  He promises those responses, but in faith we must ask!  (James 4:1-3)

One thing has just now occurred to me: do I think God only answers my current request? No, I don’t.  If I have asked Him into my heart, and I have asked Him to guide me in all I do previously, to protect me, etc, etc, I don’t think there is a statute of limitations on that request.  However, I do think I need to be open and listening and looking for His answer!– or I might miss it!  And I think being specific in our requests is helpful for us, as well, not  only bringing us peace in that we have obeyed and asked, but in that we have then acted on our relationship to our Lord.

So, whatever you are doing tonight or for the rest of this week, know that you are loved, safe, and watched over…ask the Holy Spirit to show you the evidence.  Ask Jesus to sing over you and calm your nerves.  Ask your Father in heaven to guide your every decision by His Spirit…and He is faithful. He WILL.


I made this Raw Apple Pie a few weeks ago when hubby and I were going to go to a friend’s house for dinner. Unfortunately, we were both beginning to get the sniffles and not feeling as perky as usual, so we had to postpone…and keep the delectable treat all to ourselves!  How wonderful, though, to know that what is as tasty as dessert is actually a live food full of healing nutrients!!!  I tell you what, this one is scrumptious!  And we are definitely in the right season!!!

Apple Pie (page 324 of The Hallelujah Diet)

Recipe courtesy of Sprout Raw Food by Jackie Graff

Serves: 8

1 date-nut pie crust (see recipe below)

6 Golden Delicious or Fuji apples, peeled and cored (I used Gala, and I did not peel ALL of them, because I like the pretty color of the skin, and the fiber as well.  think I peeled 4 of the 6)

4 – 6 Medjool dates, soaked 1 hour and drained (or whatever dates you have, un-sugared, etc)

1 tsp. sea salt

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla powder (I did not have this, so I used vanilla extract. no problem.)

1 cup raisins

2 tsp. flax seed, ground fine

Prepare piecrust according to recipe and press into a pie plate.  Place one-third of the apples, plus salt, cinnamon, dates, and vanilla powder in food processor.  Process until mixture is almost the consistency of applesauce.

Continue adding apples, processing only until apples are chopped into small to medium-sized pieces.  Add raisins.  Stir in ground flax seeds and mix well and let this sit for 15 minutes (the raisins and flax seeds will soak up the juice from the apples).  Place apple mixture in pie crust.


May be topped with chopped walnuts. (I actually sprinkled flax meal and salt on top of mine, to absorb some of the excess moisture and bring out the sweetness… Next time I will probably only use 5 apples, as I had too much filling for the pie!—no worries, made a great oatmeal topping and/or snack! I recommend using a food processor over a blender; I had to add extra liquid to get the apples to blend at first…luckily, I had some cider in the fridge…)

Date Nut Crust (or “dough”…can be rolled into little balls and then rolled in coconut, or ground nuts, or carob powder and cinnamon for yummy treats!) pg. 323 of The Hallelujah Diet, Recipe courtesy of Everyday Wholesome Eating…in the Raw by Kim Wilson

1 cup pecans, 1 cup walnuts (or 2 cups almond flour, as I chose)

1 cup date, pitted

1/4 – 1/2 cup honey (to taste…or agave, or yacon syrup)

1/4 – 1/2 tsp. sea salt (to taste)

Grind pecans, walnuts, and dates in food processor until well-chopped and blended.  Add honey and continue to process until mixture forms a ball.  Be careful to not over-process.

Press into base and sides of pie pan before adding filing.  Reserve some of the “dough” to crumble on top of the finished pie.


Also, about the same time that I made the pie, I was on week 7 or 8 of my Cto5K training…I had gotten to the point where I was jogging 25 to 26 1/2 minutes non-stop, and I was beginning to think I might need stay at that pace for a while so that I would have enough energy left to do the show!  However, as I mentioned before, hubby and I began dealing with sniffles, etc, and honestly are just now beginning to feel human again!  (I ended up with a ruptured eardrum, among other nuisances…) So, just today I started over on my Cto5K training to build up my stamina once more.  Feel free to read these previous posts to see how I make it pleasant and possible!!!



Keep running the race, or walking it, knowing there is a prize ahead…take breaks when you need to, knowing your Father has your back…and you can even lean back into His everlasting arms…

How do you rest?  Did you do anything fun to celebrate Halloween or another Harvest-time holiday?  Feel free to add your positive comment!

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